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Are you worried about your own or a loved one’s memory?

Please make an appointment to see your GP to talk through any of your concerns. You may be referred to the memory service for further assessment and support.

Dementia Advisers

Wigan Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Advisers provide information, advice and signposting to people with dementia and their carers. This is provided at the point of diagnosis and throughout the dementia journey.

To find out more about Dementia Advisers, you can:

Later Life and Memory Service

The Memory Assessment and Treatment Services support people with memory problems like dementia, providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment across Wigan and Leigh.

Once someone has been diagnosed with a memory problem, they are also able to provide information, support and medication to help people manage symptoms associated with memory problems, and can arrange access to other local services that can help, such as home care or activity visits.

If you (or someone you know) are worried about your memory, make an appointment to see your GP and they will be able to talk through any symptoms and rule out any other causes of your problems. If they think the team can help, your GP will be able to make a referral to our service for an assessment.

  • For more information about the Later Life and Memory Service call 01942 764462.

Lewy Body Society

The Lewy Body Society provide information and resources for patients and carers. Their mission is to fund clinical research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and raise awareness of Lewy body dementia among the general public and those in the medical profession and decision-making positions.

Physical and mental health

Active Choices offers a diverse programme of activities for anyone who is living with dementia and requires additional support to become physically active. Activities such as dementia friendly swimming, walks, active cafes and even golf.

You can also check out our mental health and wellbeing section, to find tools, contacts and guidance on maintaining your mental health.

Wigan Library service

There are lots of books in libraries across Wigan Borough about Dementia, to find out more visit your local library.

Dementia friends

A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns about dementia so they can help their community. Dementia Friends help people living with dementia by taking actions - both big and small.

Wigan Borough Dementia Friendly Community

The Wigan Borough Dementia Friendly Community includes local and national organisations and charities, as well as people living with dementia who all have a common goal to share best practice and take positive action on all things dementia.

Join Dementia Research

Join Dementia Research is a national service which allows members of the public to register their interest in taking part in dementia research studies.

Taking part means you can pick which research you’d like to be involved in. Volunteering in the research is open to people with or without a diagnosis of dementia.

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