Why Keep It Clean?

We are all responsible for keeping our borough tidy.

The Council spends an estimated £4million a year clearing littering and fly-tipping from public spaces.

Every pound of taxpayer’s money spent clearing up after people who fly-tip in our borough, drop litter on our streets or fail to clean up after their pets, is a pound that could be invested in our schools, enhancing our local environment or caring for people in need.

But this is not just about the money being spent on clearing our streets and public spaces.

Littering and fly-tipping is a real blight on our environment. It can end up in local waterways and make it out to sea- damaging marine wildlife, and it can hurt and even kill local wildlife.

It can take years for pieces of litter to degrade- causing ongoing damage. A single cigarette butt can take up to fourteen years to degrade.

Most of us care about where we live and work, and we want them to be clean, tidy and nice places to be. Litter and fly-tipping have a really negative impact and damage civic pride, and it only takes one piece of rubbish to make it seem like it’s ‘OK’ to drop more.

It’s simple, just throw litter in the bin and dispose of waste correctly - Keep It Clean!

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