Pest control FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What treatments do we use?

See our Pest Control Guidance for a description of all the treatments used by Wigan Council.

Are the treatments safe for pets/children?

All treatments are carried out with the utmost care. Any precautions needed to keep children and pets safe depend on the treatment method used and the surrounding environment. This should be explained to the customer at the time of treatment.

The majority of pesticides are toxic and pose a danger to non-target species but this danger is minimal as long as the pesticide is used in the correct manner.

Do we remove dead pests after treatment?

We will do our best to remove any dead rodents after a treatment.

To gain access to voids, e.g. under the floorboards to retrieve carcasses, is the responsibility of the customer therefore we cannot be held responsible for damage to property whilst trying to gain access to these areas. For council tenants, the services of a joiner may be arranged so access can be gained.

Why is it free for council housing tenants?

Pest control treatment is built into the tenancy agreement of council housing tenants.

Tenants will be required to provide proof of tenancy at the time of their appointment.

Can we provide specific appointment times?

Specific appointment times cannot be given. Officers can attend from 8am - 4pm on the specific date you have chosen.

Are there other ways to pay available?

Residents must pay for pest control appointments online by credit or debit card only.

Can I change or cancel an appointment?

Yes. Changes and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled date of appointment.

Are there pests we do not provide treatment for?

Yes. See full list of pests we do not provide treatment for.

What if I'm not sure what the pest type is?

If you're not sure what the pest type is, please contact us with a clear description and a telephone number and one of our pest control officers will contact you.

I can't find my address

When searching for your address, please ensure that the street name has been spelled correctly and in full, i.e. Road and not Rd.

You are not required to complete all three fields when performing an address search. For example, you can search against either Street name or Postcode alone.

If you are still unable to find your address, you can contact the pest control team.

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