Lost or stray dogs

Reporting lost or stray dogs

You can report a lost or stray dog as a resident of Wigan borough through MyAccount or through our online form.

If you can attach an image of the dog it will make it easier to reunite with the owner.

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog, please report it and we will contact you if we have a dog we believe matches your description at our kenneling facility.

Stray dogs

Dogs unaccompanied by an owner in a public place are considered to be stray dogs.

If you find a stray dog and you know the owner, please return it as soon as possible.

Stray dogs which cannot be identified need to be reported to us and we will arrange for the dog to be collected.

We will attempt to return the dog to its owner (if known) or alternatively put it into kennels or veterinary care. Dogs put into kennels must be claimed within seven days. There will also be a kennel cost fee. Any unclaimed dogs may be re-homed. Fees are:

  • Dogs reunited with owner from point of pick up: £47.00
  • Dog claimed within 24 hours from kennels: £65.00
  • Dog claimed after 24 hours and up to a maximum of seven clear days: £65.00 plus an additional fee of £13 per day.

Strays can be reported between 8am and 3pm on Monday to Friday by calling 01942 404364.

We aim to respond to every case within two hours, but the stray dog must remain with the finder.

Out of hours

We are unable to respond to any secure or roaming strays after 3pm on weekday evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

However, any dogs found or lost out of hours that can be kept secure, can be reported on 01942 404040 where an officer will respond the next working day.

If you cannot keep the dog secure during our out of hours times, please contact an animal rescue centre who may be able to assist you.

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