Constitution of membership of Wigan schools' forum

Based upon a membership of 18 there are 14 school representatives. School representation is proportionate to the number of pupils in the primary, secondary and special sectors and broadly proportionate to the number of faith schools and community schools in the borough. School representation also includes an academy school representative.

The Constitution provides for representation from the following:

School representatives (14)

  • Nursery sector representative - 1
  • Primary school headteacher representatives - 5
  • Primary school governor representative - 1
  • Secondary school headteacher representatives - 3
  • Secondary school governor representative - 1
  • Special school headteacher representatives - 1
  • Academy school headteacher representative - all sectors, including academies, free schools and university technology colleges (UTCs) - 1
  • Pupil referral unit representative - 1

Non-school representatives (4)

  • Private, voluntary and independent (PVI) nursery providers - 1
  • 16-19 partnership (including further education colleges and sixth form colleges) - 1
  • A recognised representative of the headteacher; teacher associations or support unions - currently Wigan Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) - 1
  • A diocesan representative (currently Liverpool RC Archdiocese) - 1

In addition the following may nominate representatives of the following to attend meetings of the Forum in an observer capacity:

Nominated observers (4)

  • NASUWT – 1
  • NUT - 1
  • UNISON - 1
  • Cabinet Member for Children and Young People - 1

Officer attendance

Local Authority (LA) officers may attend meetings of the forum to present reports or to offer financial or technical advice or attend at the invitation of the forum. The following officers of the LA have been authorised to attend and speak at meetings of the forum:

  • The Director of Children’s Services – or their representative
  • The Chief Financial Officer – or their representative
  • Any officer invited by the forum to provide advice
  • Any officer presenting a report (attendance limited to that item only)
  • The Clerk

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