Legal Proceedings for Non-Attendance

How it works

  • We will write to you to tell you that you may be fined if your child’s attendance does not improve in 15 days
  • If there is no improvement, you will get a £60 Penalty Notice Fine
  • If you don’t pay this within 21 days, the fine increases to £120
  • If you don’t pay the £120 fine within 28 days we can take you to court under the Education Act.

There is no right of appeal against a notice, but you can contact us if you think the notice has been sent to the wrong person, or if you can prove the absence was due to illness.

Defending the charges

If you are taken to court, there are only four reasons that you can defend the charges against you. These are if your child:

  • Is ill or couldn’t go to school due to an emergency
  • Lives over a certain distance and we haven’t been able to help get them into a school nearer to you or help with transport
  • Misses school due to religious reasons
  • Has an authorised absence.

If found you are found guilty

If you are found guilty in court, you may be:

  • Fined up to £2500
  • Sentenced to three months in prison
  • Given a Parenting Order. This involves going to Parent Support sessions for between six and eight weeks.
  • Your child may also be taken to the Family Proceedings Court.

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