Chaperone approval licences

All children taking part in entertainment performances and modelling assignments must be supervised. Such supervision can be undertaken by the child’s own parent, or the production company must provide an approved registered chaperone.

The chaperone’s role is to ensure the welfare of the child and is the person to whom the child looks to for guidance, protection and support within the entertainment industry.

Chaperones are licensed by the local authority in which they live. The licence is issued for 3 years and there is no charge.

What do I need to do?

  • Complete and submit your application form (with a valid email address) to
  • If you already have a Chaperone Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate and have signed up for the update service, please ensure a copy of your original DBS and permission to view your records accompanies your chaperone application form
  • If you do not have a DBS certificate or have not signed up for the updating service you will need to apply for a new DBS check
  • After you have submitted your form, we will email you a link to carry out the DBS check - follow this link to complete the online DBS application and pay the fee (£12 for a voluntary sector DBS and £56 for a professional chaperone DBS)
  • You will then be instructed to make an appointment with us to provide your identity documents. Use the telephone number that references ‘Umbrella body’ to make your appointment
  • If the checks are satisfactory, you will receive a paper DBS certificate through the post. On receipt of this certificate, please contact us to make an appointment for an interview. You must bring with you:
    • Your new DBS certificate
    • 2 identical passport-style photos of the applicant taken during the last 6 months
    • Evidence of your current address that’s no older than 3 months e.g. bank statement, utility or council tax bill
    • A signed letter/email from the Principle of the organisation/dance school that includes the name of the safeguarding lead.

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