Chaperone approval licences

All children taking part in entertainment performances and modelling assignments must be supervised. Such supervision can be undertaken by the child’s own parent, or the production company must provide an approved registered chaperone.

The chaperone’s role is to ensure the welfare of the child and is the person to whom the child looks to for guidance, protection and support within the entertainment industry.

Chaperones are licensed by the local authority in which they live. The licence is issued for 3 years and there is no charge.

What do I need to do?

Please note that if we do not receive the required documents your application will not be processed.

  • Complete the online application form
  • Then complete the chaperone questionnaire
  • Send the following documents in a single email to
    • Passport style photo - Plain background, well lit, no accessories/hair obscuring the face
    • Evidence of child safeguarding level 2 higher training completed within the last 12 months e.g. certificate or letter from the designated safeguarding lead. If you do not have this, visit our online training portal (external link)
    • For voluntary applicants - You will also need a signed letter from the Principle of the organisation/school, which includes the name and level of the safeguarding lead
    • For professional applicants - You will also need to show evidence of completing the NSPCC safeguarding training (external link) e.g. certificate.

What happens next?

  • After you have submitted the above information and it has been checked, we will email you a link to carry out the DBS check. You will need to complete the online DBS application and pay the fee - £12 for a voluntary sector DBS (£12.76 from 1st April 2023) and £56 for a professional chaperone DBS
  • You will then need to make an appointment with us to provide your identity documents. ID checks are only available on Tuesdays during school term time. Your DBS check will not be sent until this check has been completed
  • You will receive a paper DBS certificate through the post. When you have received this certificate, please email with a copy of it for verification
  • Following all checks are satisfactory we will issue your license. Licenses are valid for 3 years.

As soon as you receive your new DBS, you will need to sign up to the updating service (external link).

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