Re-register a birth

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to re-register a child’s birth.

You might wish to do this when:

  • The parents have married each other after the child’s birth
  • The child is originally registered without father’s details and both parents then decide they would like father's details included in the birth entry.

There is no provision in law to re-register a child's birth solely because the child’s name has been changed by deed poll or by statutory declaration.  

You must make an appointment to re-register a birth.

Where can I re-register?

Babies born within the district of Wigan and Leigh can be re-registered at Wigan Register Office, Wigan Life Centre (North).

If your baby was born outside Wigan and Leigh then you will need to go to the register office in the district in which the birth occurred.

If this is not possible you can still book an appointment at Wigan Register Office, who will submit a declaration to the correct district so they can re-register your baby without you being present. If you require any certificates for this birth re-registration you will need to apply to the district where your baby was born to obtain new certificates.

Please note: your child will not be entered into the register at Wigan and Leigh but will be included on the register in the correct district.

Who can re-register?

Before you book a re-registration appointment you must complete the relevant form to take with you. 

What details do I need to re-register?

  • Signed and completed re-registration form (LA1 or GRO185) as above
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable).

Making an appointment

There is a cost of £12.50 per new birth certificate, which is paid when booking your appointment online. If your baby was born outside Wigan & Leigh please do not pay any online fees when booking your appointment.

You will need to apply to the district in which your baby was born for any new certificates.

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