These pages are here for you if you’re young, living in Wigan Borough and are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender (LGBTQ) - or if you’re just not sure (questioning) about your sexuality or your gender identity.

This information has been put together with advice and contributions from the BYOU group, a support project for young LGBTQ young people in Wigan Borough. Take a look at the links below to find out more or email

If you’re a young LGBTQ person and want to tell us your story or want to pass on advice to other young LGBTQ people, you can get in touch with this website on

A few facts you might not know 

1967: Decriminalisation of homosexual acts in England and Wales. 

1969: There is a campaign for homosexual equality.

1985: Chris Smith, the first ‘out’ gay MP is elected.

1988: The Government introduce Section 28 and 2A, which means the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ by local authorities is banned by local authorities.

1989: Lisa Power founds ‘Stonewall’, the organisation which campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people across Britain.

1997: Angela Eagle, the first ‘out’ lesbian MP is elected.

1999: Transgender people are granted employment rights in the UK (meaning you can’t be discriminated against at work because of being transgender).

2003: Section 28 and 2A (the banning of the ‘promotion of sexuality’ by local authorities) are repealed (no longer the law) in England and Wales.

2003: Employment Rights include sexual orientation (meaning you can’t be discriminated against at work because of your sexual orientation). 

2005: Civil partnerships are introduced across the UK.

2005: It becomes a ‘hate crime’ in UK to insult or attack someone because of their sexual orientation. 

2010: The Equality Act is introduced which protects the rights of individuals and advances equality for all. 

2012: It becomes a ‘hate crime’ in England to insult or attack someone because they are transgender. 

2014: Marriage for same sex couple is introduced in England.

2016: Wigan Pride was the first ever LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) festival in Wigan Borough!


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