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This section is about young LGBTQ people from Wigan Borough, our journeys, and some of the things we've found helpful along the way.

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Be proud to BYOU

An article written by a young person from the BYOU group

How many of you are LGBT or just unsure and are scared of telling people?

Well there is a way we can help if you lack support from friends and family. The people at BYOU ‘treat each other like a family’. They make you feel safe and give great advice to those who require help and they also help build your confidence.

Here’s my story:

‘Two years ago I joined BYOU and I had no confidence and I found it hard to make friends. But during my time at BYOU my confidence grew and I am proud to say everyone here at group are my friends and I wouldn’t ask for anything better. We get together every week and we all gather together and give ideas for the events we take part in. We also give our opinions about how we feel about the attitude to homosexuality around the Wigan Borough. It is a lot of fun. BYOU, now and forever!’

Here’s my advice:

If there’s a day where you are being judged just remember, ‘apologise for what you’ve done but never apologise for who you are.’ No one deserves to be put down for who they love, love is equalled, not specific.

Celebrate your sexuality. Join us at Manchester Pride this year, it will be a blast. At last year’s pride everyone was a superhero and BYOU had this to say, ‘find your superpower and be proud to BYOU.’

If you are ever asked about your sexuality, remember these three steps that are from a clip on YouTube about a woman called Ash who talks about coming out of the closet (Coming out of your closet: Ash Beckham at TEDx Boulder):

  • Be authentic
  • Be direct
  • Be unapologetic

Show people your true colours and be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone make you feel embarrassed about your sexuality.

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We love this short film...

...By My Genderation. It features young people talking about questions and discussions they've had about gender identity. Watch Transgender Youth Bust Myths here:

Superheroes Song

Here are a few of the verses from the Superheroes Song, which was put together by young people from BYOU group for Manchester Pride in 2013. This was a few years ago but we still love the words.

Confidence. Equality.
Journey of discoveries,
To our own identity.

We’re called Lesbo. Faggot. Freak.
Still, we sparkle when we speak.
Glittering the summer sky
Ninety-nine superheroes fly by.

Yeah, we’re super. This is why:
We’ve heard those words and we’ve survived.
And if abuse is all you knew,
We’ll help you find your superpowers too.

This is my time

by Oliver Parke

This is my time to shine
Going to stand out from the crowd
Stand up for what I believe is right
Hold this Pride flag high in the sky

March these streets with pride
Forget the worries, leave them behind
No more tears to be cried
We’re making memories to make us smile.

Thanks to Oliver for this poem inspired by taking part in Pride festivals.

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