The Deal for Children and Young People

What is it?

The Deal lists the kind of support you might need from Wigan Council (Our part) and all the things you could do to help yourself, your friends and your community (Your part).

To develop this Deal we needed to make sure we understood what was important to you, so Wigan Council ran a big survey involving over 1,300 young people.

And if you want to see some examples of what the council and young people are doing as part of the Deal for Children and Young People, watch this video:

How do I get involved?

Wigan Council has written to high schools across the borough to ask them to work with young people and pick out one thing in the 'Your part’ list that you would like to do to improve your community. Examples of what you might do include:

  • Helping to keep where you live clean and tidy by encouraging your class to do a litter pick once a month or maybe planting some flowers
  • Setting up a new after school gym class or creative writing group, to help with physical or mental health
  • Encouraging people to be kinder and more caring to each other by coming up with an idea to help young people learn about other cultures, or run an anti-bullying campaign.

We’ve asked that young people are involved in choosing the idea and deciding what to do next. You could work on the idea as a class, year group or whole school.

At the end of the school year, the council plans to hold an event to celebrate all of the best ideas.

Keep in touch

We want to know if you’ve decided to do any of the things on the list yourself, as we’d love to write an article about what you’ve achieved or make a short video about it for our social media channels, so that you can help inspire others!

You can get in touch with us at

We’ll also keep you up to date on how we’re keeping ‘Our part’ of the Deal for Children and Young People.

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