How to get involved

Whether you’re an individual, school, artist, community group or business, there are a number of ways to get involved in the twinning and open your horizons.

To find out more or share your ideas, simply  contact your Ambassador.

Living in the borough

If you're living in the borough, you can benefit from the twinning and access a range of resources.

Wigan Expo
  • Find a work placement - we can help you arrange work placements in Angers by contacting companies and improving your CV
  • Become a host family - experience a true cultural exchange by welcoming an international student into your home
  • Improve your French - find out where you can go to practice your French in the borough
  • Become a pen-pal - a great way to improve your French and make friends.

Local business

The twinning is a great opportunity for local business to develop economic partnerships with Angers. 

  • Hire a French student - we can help you arrange work experience placements for French students
  • Join the Angers Christmas Market - attracting thousands of visitors each year, this is an opportunity to showcase your products and develop a new market overseas 
  • Import local products from Angers - we can help you select and import local products from Angers.


The twinning is now part of the culture team at Wigan Council, so if you are an artist or someone interested in cultural events you can contact your ambassador. This may be because you:

  • Want to feature Angers in your work
  • Have an exhibition of your work in Angers
  • Want to get involved in a cultural exchange with Angers e.g. music bands, art exhibition etc.


Since 2014 the twinning has formed 7 school partnerships to work on a number of initiatives, allowing children on both sides of the channel to learn more about the world. These include:

  • Presentations and workshops on Angers, the twinning, French culture and French events or holidays
  • Foreign student exchange
  • Pen pal projects
  • Video or culture box exchanges
  • French events e.g. the Kermesse.

To find your school a partner or arrange a workshop for your pupils, contact your ambassador.

Community groups and clubs

We run twinning projects with a diverse range of groups, involving sport, music, traditional dance, literature and much more.

We are always searching for new projects and initiatives to develop and would be happy to discuss new twinning opportunities with you.

For regular updates follow us on and .


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