About the twinning

Wigan has been twinned with Angers for over 30 years. This lasting friendship began in the late 1970's as a cultural exchange between two colleges and was made official in 1988.

The twinning has continued to grow over the years and now involves a wide network of organisations, including:Angers tram

  • Businesses
  • Schools and colleges
  • Activity clubs, including sports, culture and dance
  • Music bands
  • Community groups.

The Ambassadors

Each year, both cities choose an Ambassador to work for twelve months at the Twinning Office of its counterpart city. This exchange is particularly unique as only Angers and Wigan have ambassadors dedicated to the twinning.

Along with representing and promoting their town, the ambassadors have the task of developing projects and initiatives that will link the twin cities together.

For regular updates follow us on and and check out the Community Book (external link) for upcoming events and activities.

Interested in getting involved? Find out about the range of opportunities available.


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