Annual report

We have made great progress in Wigan to improve outcomes for our residents while saving more than £131m since 2010 - all without using a penny of our balances to prop up the budget.

Our key achievements

  • Digital - We were the pioneering council for iDEA, the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. We’ve also invested £500,000 into the community to improve digital skills and grow the local economy
  • Value for money - We’ve frozen the general element of Council Tax and it’s had the lowest increase across Greater Manchester (GM) with £131 million in savings achieved since 2010
  • Fitter and healthier - 63% of adults were physically active in 2016/17 and there was an 18% reduction in deaths under 75 from cardiovascular disease since 2010
  • Social care - 71% of people have their care and support delivered in the community and 89% of home care providers in Wigan are rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.
  • Economy - The A49 and M58 strategic link roads will provide superior connection from the motorway to the town centre.
  • Work - 4,180 apprentices have been taken on, representing 2.1% of the working age population, which is the highest in GM
  • Community - 16 council owned assets have been successfully transferred to the community and £10 million has been invested into local community groups through the Deal for Communities Investment Fund LINK
  • Children - 27 new foster carers approved this year – the 4th best local authority in the North West, and 91% of schools are rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’
  • Housing - 87.6% of potential homelessness cases resolved through early intervention and over £35,000 invested into council homes
  • Environment - 8% increase in kerbside recycling since 3-week collection was introduced and £17 million invested in the borough’s highway infrastructure.

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