Planning for the future - Places

There is a large and rapidly growing body of evidence on the importance of quality of place for health and economic outcomes.



Conservation Areas


Over 500

The number of listed buildings in Wigan Borough



Ancient Monuments

Key facts

  • The borough has a number of familiar local landmarks and recreation destinations including Haigh Hall, Wigan Pier, Wigan and Pennington Flashes and the Astley Mining Museum.
  • There are two Heritage Action Zones in the borough at King Street in Wigan and Tyldesley. These aim to transform and revive the historic environment in these areas through sensitive development and the reuse of historic buildings.

Please complete this questionnaire to tell us what you think are the key priorities for the next 10-20 years. The response deadline is 11 December 2022. 

In addition to places, the questionnaire also includes questions on 6 other key themes that the borough needs to plan for to 2040, including homes, jobs, town centres, transport and the environment.

View more details on these themes, and information on engagement opportunities available to the public.

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