Planning for the future - Homes

Access to an affordable, comfortable and secure home is a basic human need.


1 in 5

The proportion of people over 64 in Wigan Borough. By 2040 this is projected to increase to 1 in 4.


Over half

of Wigan’s homes have 3 bedrooms



The average number of people per household



The number of new homes needed annually to meet Wigan Borough’s housing need



increase in the number of households renting privately since 2001



The average house price is 5.7 times higher than typical earnings - cheaper than the national average

Key facts

  • The population of Wigan Borough is 329,300, and is forecast to increase to 346,400 by 2040.
  • There are around 146,000 households in Wigan Borough, which is forecast to increase to 159,000 by 2040.
  • Two thirds of households in the borough own their own home.
  • Around half of new homes built in the last 5 years have been built on previously developed (brownfield) sites.

Please complete this questionnaire to tell us what you think are the key priorities for the next 10-20 years. The response deadline is 11 December 2022.  

In addition to homes, the questionnaire also includes questions on 6 other key themes that the borough needs to plan for to 2040, including jobs, town centres, transport and the environment.

View more details on these themes, and information on engagement opportunities available to the public.

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