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Armed Forces consent form

Thank you for identifying yourself as part of the Armed Forces Family in the Wigan Borough.

We would like to ensure that our information across all Council systems records your armed forces status and to do this we asking for your permission. Please find below a consent form which we would like you to complete.

With your details we can ensure that council services are aware of your background and that they are offering the most appropriate support.  When new services become available specific to the Armed Forces Family, we can send you the information. If you don’t require assistance now, if something was to happen in the future there will be fewer delays in providing the support you require.

There are also social groups, employment, training and volunteering opportunities available which we can send you information about or arrange a time to discuss.

If there is anyone else in your household whom would answer ‘Yes’ to any of the Armed Forces statements in the consent form, please pass on the link or our details, as with any friends or members of your community.

If you would like to contact us you can call on 01942 404619 or contact us online.

Complete Armed Forces consent form



Professional referral form

This form is to be completed by statutory/non-statutory or charitable professionals who are supporting a member of the armed forces family. Our team can assist in:

  • Signposting to Armed Forces specific needs in housing, employment, finances, living independently, mental wellbeing, physical health, families and communities.
  • Providing a Key Worker with an armed forces background.
  • Liaising with MoD departments.

This is not to replace statutory referrals or those of an emergency nature.

Complete professional referral form

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