A welcome message from our director...

Photo of Colette Dutton, Director of Children's ServicesWelcome to our Children's Social Work Academy!

My name is Colette Dutton and I am the Director of Children’s Services. I joined Wigan Council in July 2020, and have been consistently impressed with the culture of kindness across the Council - it feels different here. It’s a place where people can do really good social work because of what is surrounding them.

We have recognised that our social workers want to spend time with children and families and work with them meaningfully, and so we are investing in our workforce to create this additional capacity.

We want all of the children in our borough to achieve the best possible outcomes, and we recognise the importance of providing our staff with an environment where good social work practice can flourish.

We want you to develop your career in Wigan, and our commitment is that we will support you to do this.

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