Our Practice Standards

How we do things in Wigan is just as important as what we do.

Since 2019, we have adopted the Signs of Safety as our practice model. To bring this to life through day-to-day practice, we have created a practice standards document which sets out the expectations for practitioners working within this practice model and to provide examples of what good practice looks like in Wigan.

Our practice standards complement our BeWigan behaviours and BeWigan manager behaviours, policies and procedures as well as the principles of The Deal 2030.

Ultimately, our practice standards support our vision of a Wigan where all children are happy, healthy and safe, where they are listened to and have access to a wealth of opportunities.

Working in partnership

If children or their families need help and support it should be at the right time, by the right person and in the right place for them. To achieve this, we want to be 'brilliant at the basics' in our social work practice, and have creative and collaborative partnerships.

We want our staff to feel supported, confident and skilled to help our children and families achieve their aspirations.

The standards set our practice expectations, how we assess need, and how we plan and review our work with children to create the culture we want to see as an organisation.

Fundamental to this is ensuring children and families are placed at the heart of everything we do, working 'with' them instead of doing things 'to' or 'for' them.

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