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Think before you ink

Think before you ink

The ‘think before you ink’ campaign has been launched by Wigan Council to raise awareness about the art of tattooing and in particular:

  • legal requirements relating to tattooists and their premises
  • the increased risks to public health from using unregistered tattoo artists/premises

The campaign encourages people to report:

  • illegal tattooing activity including tattoos being done in unregistered premises or by an unregistered artist
  • concerns of poor hygiene observed in tattoo studios.

A launch took place in December 2014 which included infection control training for tattoo artists. We had over 30 tattooist attend to help launch the campaign, which some can bee seen in a group photo that was taken on the day (external link).

Registering with us

Registration is required if you are an artist and for the premises used. It is against the law and you will be fined if you do not register. Registered artists and premises must comply with the council's byelaws.

Tattooing Guidance: ‘The Toolkit’

The Toolkit (external link) has been produced by health protection representatives and tattoo and body piercing practitioners who work in regulated premises. The Toolkit provides an easy access reference guide to assist those in the industry to examine their current practices and make changes to improve operational standards if necessary.

The guidance covers various aspects of tattooing and body piercing including:

  • legislation
  • infection prevention and control
  • decontamination methods
  • tattoo and body piercing aftercare

Practitioners who follow this guidance will be able to demonstrate they are complying with legal requirements.

Challenge 25 agenda

The Challenge 25 agenda helps businesses comply with their legal obligations related to age restricted sales. Checks should be made to ensure the individual you are tattooing is 18 or over. You can document these checks by using the Age Record Check (ARC) book.

Protect yourself and your business by reading the Challenge 25 agenda booklet.

Report workplace accidents

There are certain workplace accidents and occupational diseases that you must report under the RIDDOR regulations. You can read further guidelines and report an incident on the RIDDOR website (external link).

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