Procurement strategy and policies

Wigan Council's Procurement strategy

Good procurement and commissioning decisions are a fundamental component of our approach to providing high quality, value for money public services which also support the long term outcomes that will contribute to the delivery of our vision and The Deal 2030 corporate strategy.

Our approach to procurement decisions emphasises the importance of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and the continuing importance of Sustainable Procurement in delivering wider social, economic and environmental objectives in ways that offer real long-term benefits to our local community.

Wigan Council have adopted the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Social Value Policy to deliver social value through procurement and commissioning. Building on this, Wigan Council recently introduced its approach to Community Wealth Building which identified a series of priorities and key areas of focus as to how social, economic and environmental benefits can be delivered sustainably for Wigan’s residents. Contractors bidding for our tender opportunities may also find it helpful to visit the Our Town Community Noticeboard when addressing Social Value.

Crown Commercial Service

The Crown Commercial Service (external link) helps public sector services to make savings in procurement.

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