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Learn to scuba dive

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Discover a hobby that could take you all over - and under - the world

Learn the basics of scuba diving with our Try Dive sessions and when you fall in love with the sport, take the plunge, join the club and pick up qualifications setting you free to explore the seven seas.

How to get started

If you’re considering scuba diving as a sport or simply just curious, why not book on to a Try Dive with one of our sub aqua diving clubs.

After your Try Dive you can embark on the entry-level ‘Ocean Diver’ course, which will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you needed to enable your safe exploration of the underwater world on club dive trips or holidays.

Equipment will be provided.

Who can scuba dive?

Sub aqua clubs use our facilities to offer keen swimmers of all ages the chance to discover an exciting hobby that lasts a lifetime.

When and where?

Our sub aqua diving club generally run Try Dives on weekdays, however for large groups they can run Try Dive sessions at weekends. They operate at two of our leisure centres:

  • Howe Bridge Leisure Centre - Sub-C-Divers (sessions on Wednesday nights)
  • Wigan Life Centre - Mid Lancs Sub Aqua (sessions on Tuesday nights)

How much does it cost?

Your first Try Dive will cost:

  • £15 per person with Sub-C-Divers
  • £20 per person with Mid Lancs Sub Aqua

Ocean diver training prices vary depending on the sub aqua club you dive with, to find out more:

Ongoing costs for club membership may also apply.

How to book a scuba diving session?

To book a Try Dive or ocean diver training you will need to contact the sub aqua diving clubs directly:



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