A49 link road

A49 link road


A49 link road

Aerial view showing the progress so far

A49 link road


A49 link road

Aerial view showing the progress so far

The proposed A49 Goose Green to Westwood Park Link Road is a connection from A49 Warrington Road at Goose Green to Westwood Park, north of Pearson’s Flash. 

The scheme comprises 2.3 km of new dual 2-lane carriageway, which includes an upgrade from single 2-lane to dual 2-lane carriageway along the existing Westwood Park internal access road. Three new major structures to bridge existing watercourses, canals and a primary road are required, plus the widening of an existing road bridge. Other structures include two new footbridges, a new culvert and headwall and two retaining walls. 

Not only will the A49 link road provide a new attractive dual carriageway gateway between the M6 and Wigan town centre, addressing congestion and air quality issues on current routes, but it will also complement and support other components of Wigan’s transport strategy such as the new M58 link road.

When will work start?

Construction of the new road began in September 2018 and will be completed in spring 2020.

Chapel Lane / Poolstock Junction works

From Monday 6th January until the end of March 2020 we will be making changes to the Chapel Lane/Poolstock Junction to connect the new A49 Link Road, which runs from Goose Green to Westwood Park, with the rest of the road network.

There will inevitably be some disruption whilst these works are carried out and a short local diversion will be in place.


In certain cases properties can be affected by physical factors arising from public works.

Owners and occupiers may be entitled to claim compensation, known as a ‘Part 1 claim’, if they are eligible and affected by the public works.

Please seek independent advice before making a claim.

Westwood Park

Westwood Park is a large-scale mixed use development site which extends to approximately 22 hectares (53 acres) and has the benefit of outline planning consent. A total of £40m has already been privately invested on site with a state of the art factory for global wet wipe manufacturer Nice Pak International, the structure itself is now one of the largest builds in the borough.

Unity House has been developed independently into Office Bay managed workspace and continues to attract entrepreneurs from neighbouring areas.

Enhanced connectivity is key to supporting growth in the borough and plans for the A49 link road will mean that the Westwood Park site will be an excellent location for those businesses wishing to relocate into Wigan.

How to get in touch

For any queries about the A49 link road you can contact  Wigan’s Project Team.

In the event of an emergency regarding the A49 link roadworks out of hours, please call our Emergency Control Centre on 01942 404040, available 24/7.


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