Appeal a parking fine

If you think you have been wrongly issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) you can challenge it. To do this you can either:

Please quote the PCN number, the vehicle registration and your address in all correspondence.

If you challenge the PCN within 14 days and the challenge is rejected, the council will usually re-offer the 14 day discount period.

Cancellation policy

Our cancellation guidance provides a list of examples where we may or may not cancel a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

What happens if I do not pay/challenge the penalty charge?

If the penalty charge is not paid on or before the end of the 28 day period as shown on the PCN, or successfully challenged, the council may serve a Notice to Owner (NtO) on the registered keeper of the vehicle.

You can then make representations to the council and may appeal to an independent adjudicator if those representations are rejected. The NtO will contain instructions for doing this.

If you challenge this Penalty Charge Notice but the council issues a NtO anyway, you must follow the instructions on the NtO.

Parking adjudicators

If your representations to the council have been rejected you can then appeal to the parking adjudicators.

  • Your case will be considered by an experienced lawyer who is independent of the council
  • You may choose whether to attend in person over the phone or deal with it by post
  • The adjudicator's decision is final and binding upon both you and the council
  • Appeals are held locally
  • Visit Traffic Penalty Tribunal for more information (external link).

Other information

The council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee publishes an Annual Statement of Accounts (external link) which is subject to External Audit and the arrangements for 2011/12.



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