Family and estate papers

We hold records from several local landed families and their estates.

The Standish family papers are particularly interesting (DD/St). The papers, comprising mainly eighteenth century correspondence are of particular interest for the insight they provide into the society of the time. The collection also contains papers concerning the Jacobite Plot (or Standish Plot) of the 1690s, which were hidden in a garden wall for over 60 years.

The papers of the Andertons of Ince (DD/An) include some excellent Civil War papers, whilst the Crawford collection comprises records of the Haigh Estate during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (DD/Hai).

The bulk of the archive of the Earls of Crawford, including the Bradshaigh family muniments is available at the National Library of Scotland.

Standish Family Papers, Lady Bindlosse Notebooks, 1642-1675

The following images were made from the Notebook of Lady Bindlosse, from the Standish Family. The documents (1642-1675) contain zodiacs and planetary astrological tables, words of songs, recipes, lists of books and lists of flowers, fruit and trees planted in the gardens and orchards, with some creative writing. A full catalogue of the Standish Family Papers can be seen on the website of Access to Archives (A2A).

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