Pennington Hall Park

Parking at Pennington Hall Park 

Visitors - Please do not double park vehicles on Pennington Avenue as this is causing significant access problems for both local residents and service vehicles needing access to the park depot.

Pennington Hall ParkA pretty community park with play areas, tennis courts, bowling greens and a band stand. Events take place in the park throughout the year, including a popular Last Night of the Proms event in September.

The park was presented to Leigh Corporation by local brewers Messer’s George Shaw and Company Limited in 1920 at a floral opening on Saturday 28th August 1920. The hall was used as a museum and art gallery and the grounds were adapted from the gardens of the hall and the work was carried out under an unemployment relief scheme.

The earliest records of a hall on the site are from 1200s when it was owned by the Pennington family; the last hall was demolished in 1963 when it was found to have dry rot.

The Friends of Pennington Hall Park are an important partner in the future of the park. Their role is to make sure that the park provides for the needs of the local community.

If you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you – everyone is welcome. The Friends meet at the café in the park and they are currently looking for volunteers to help run the café, look after the wildlife garden as well as develop a new community garden/allotment. The Friends are also looking for regular volunteers to help with the upkeep of the park – gardening, maintenance, etc.

Please email the Friends of Pennington Hall Park for further details.

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