Talk with tenants

Our Talk with Tenants drop in sessions are an opportunity for you to talk about housing issues affecting where you live so we can work together to try to solve them.

At each session, you will have the opportunity to talk about any local issues you might have.

Representatives from different Council teams will be there, such as estate management, anti-social behaviour, grounds maintenance and repairs.

Who can go?

Anyone who lives on one of our estates or in one of our blocks of flats can attend. Just turn up on the day.

If you have a specific query, we recommend contacting the Deal for Communities Team first to make sure that someone will be present to answer your question.

You can drop in any time between the hours stated, there is no need to stay for the full 2-hour duration.

When are the drop in sessions?

  • The session dates will be available soon.

Touring the borough

We hosted our Together with Tenants Conference, organised for tenants by tenants, on Thursday, 26th September 2019, at St Peter's Pavillion in Hindley.

This was an opportunity to get together with tenants in a relaxed setting to help them learn more about housing services and other services available across the borough.

Our Deal for Communities Team has also been touring the borough throughout August – find out what we got up to.

Watch this space for the next tour and keep an eye on our corporate calendar for any other upcoming events.


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