Family Information Service

The Family Information Service provides information to families about help with the cost of childcare, eligibility and access to government funded early education and finding childcare services in your area. We also offer business support to childcare settings and advice on setting up a childcare service.

For information on the upcoming changes to the Government Funded Early Education Entitlements, visit Childcare Choices (external link).

Information For Parents / Carers

If you are looking for childcare, holiday care or breakfast and after school care, visit the Our Town Directory - Families to see what is available in your local area.

The Family Information Service (FIS) can help with many different services such as:

  • Brokerage - Our team will help you to find childcare, holiday care and wraparound care if you are unable to find anything suitable in your local area. 
  • Cost of childcare - We can inform about and signpost to different schemes to help with the cost of childcare. Visit Childcare Choices (external link).
  • Nursery education grant funding – Help with eligibility and application processes relating to government funded hours for eligible children. Visit Government funded childcare (external link).

Information For Childcare Providers

We can offer the following services to potential and existing childcare providers:

  • Business support for childcare settings - We can offer support around the process of opening up a new childcare service. We also provide business to support to existing childcare settings.
  • Becoming a Childminder - Interested in becoming a childminder? We can help you through the registration process, offer advice and information. Please contact us to find out when our next Childminder Briefing is, packed with the information you need to decide if childminding is for you. Find out more about working in childcare.

We will try our very best to help you with your query or signpost you to the appropriate service.

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