Types of placements

There are different types of placements that a champion can provide. You may not always be required to support Monday to Friday during the day, but may be asked to offer support in an evening or weekend.

What type of placements can you provide?

  • Full time placement - This is where a person will come to live with you on a long-term basis. You will provide them with a furnished bedroom to allow the person to have their own private space. You will be expected to encourage the individual to be part of the family and share everyday life experiences. All full-time placements are facilitated via a phased approach at a pace you are both comfortable with. This will consist of tea visits and overnight stays. Each full-time placement will be allocated up to 28 days respite per year
  • Respite / short term break - This is where somebody will come to stay overnight or for a longer period. This could be a one off or could be a regular arrangement. This will be a phased approach placement at a pace that you are both comfortable with
  • Emergency support - The support is provided at short notice due to a crisis personally or family related. All emergency placements are managed closely to ensure that both parties remain safe and well
  • Day support - You can provide three types of day support. Up to 4 hours, 4-6 hours or 6 -8 hours. This time can be spent sharing joint interests or exploring new opportunities in the local and wider community.

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