Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan

Like many areas across the country, Greater Manchester has illegal levels of air pollution on local roads across all ten local authority areas. Poor air quality affects everyone’s health, particularly the most vulnerable people in society. It contributes to nearly 1,200 premature deaths in GM every year.

Under government direction, the GM local authorities worked together to produce a Clean Air Plan to tackle harmful air pollution, including a GM-wide category C charging Clean Air Zone.

The government has agreed that the Greater Manchester charging Clean Air Zone will not go ahead as planned on 30 May 2022.

Why has the Clean Air Plan changed?

This is because the Clean Air Zone was designed to comply with a legal direction from government issued before the coronavirus pandemic. Since then there have been significant changes in the market for vehicles compliant with Clean Air Zone standards, particularly vans, and the cost of living has increased.

We're committed to cleaning up the air our residents breathe - but in a way that helps people to make the change to cleaner vehicles and does not put jobs, livelihoods and businesses at risk.

The government has now agreed to lift the legal direction that GM should achieve compliance with legal Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) limits by 2024. It has issued a new direction for compliance in the shortest possible time and by no later than 2026. Greater Manchester is now working with government to deliver a new Clean Air Plan for Greater Manchester by July 2022.

Further information

You can keep up to date on the latest developments with the Clean Air Plan and sign up for updates on the Clean Air Greater Manchester (GM) website.

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