Report damage to utility equipment


United Utilities - Manhole covers


United Utilities - Fire hydrants


United Utilities - Water meter boxes


United Utilities - Stop tap boxes


Electricity NW - Electric boxes


Electricity NW - Manhole covers


Cadent - Stop valve boxes


Cadent - Manhole covers


Virgin media - Wall mounted covers


Virgin media - Broadband cabinets


Virgin media - Tee boxes


Virgin media - Manhole covers


BT Openreach - Broadband cabinets


BT Openreach - Broadband cabinets


BT Openreach - Cable lids and covers


BT Openreach - Manhole covers

All utility companies are responsible for their own equipment on roads and footpaths. These include manhole covers, cable lid boxes and broadband cabinets.

See the slider of images to the right for the different utility equipment that can be damaged and the name of the companies that are responsible for them.

Damage or defects to the equipment must be reported directly to the utility companies. They are not the responsibility of the Council.

How to report a problem

We've put together details of which equipment each utility company is responsible for and how you can report a problem to them. 

If you've found damaged utility equipment but you're not sure what the equipment is called and who is responsible, take a look at the images above.

United Utilities

To report an issue to United Utilities, complete an online form (external link) or call 0345 672 3723. 

Equipment includes (see images above):

  • Manhole covers
  • Fire hydrants
  • Water meter boxes
  • Stop tap boxes.

Electricity North West

To report an issue to Electricity North West, call 0800 048 1820.

Equipment includes (see images above):

  • Electric boxes
  • Manhole Covers.

Cadent gas network

To report an issue to Cadent gas network, call 0800 389 8000.

Equipment includes (see images above):

  • Stop valve boxes
  • Manhole covers.

Virgin Media

To report an issue to Virgin Media, call 0870 888 3117.

Equipment includes (see images above):

  • Wall mounted covers
  • Broadband  cabinets
  • Tee boxes
  • Manhole covers.

BT Openreach

To report an issue to BT Openreach, call 0800 023 2023 (option 1).

Equipment includes (see images above):

  • Broadband cabinets
  • Cable lids and covers
  • Manhole covers.

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