Food safety and hygiene complaint

Most manufacturers, large retailers and national food chains have a customer complaints department and their own internal procedures for dealing with food complaints. If you have an issue with a food product you have purchased we would recommend contacting them in the first instance. They may not be aware of the problem, so you may be able to resolve it by discussing the complaint with them directly.

Return the food to the shop, together with the packaging and receipt and ask to speak to the person in charge. In some cases you may need to write or telephone the manufacturer. If the food product is pre-packed the manufacturer’s contact details will be on the packaging. The manufacturer may request that you send the food and contaminant back to them to investigate further.

If it's a serious risk to public health or you're concerned about food handling practices or standards of cleanliness at a business within Wigan borough then you can report this to us. All complaints are dealt with anonymously.

We will investigate:

  • Unfit or grossly contaminated food including food containing foreign bodies e.g. glass
  • Concerns regarding hygiene or cleanliness at a food business
  • Suspected food poisoning

Environmental Health is unable to:

  • Negotiate compensation for complaints on your behalf 
  • Deal with certain quality issues e.g. taste of a food product
  • Deal with complaints of poor customer service. (You should flag your concerns directly to the business or seek further assistance from Citizens Advice)

Please note if the food business is located outside of Wigan borough you should report your concerns to the local authority in that area.

Report a food hygiene and safety complaint

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Food alerts

Food alerts are issued by the Food Standards Agency (external link) to inform customers about any problems associated with food, and specific action being taken to address the issues. You can check for the most recent food and allergy alerts in the region.

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