Food hygiene complaint

If you have a food hygiene and safety complaint you can report it to us.

If your complaint involves a food outlet outside of Wigan Borough, please contact the appropriate local authority.

In cases where your food hygiene complaint is not a risk to public health or safety, you may be able to resolve it by contacting the owner of the food business yourself and discussing the complaint with them. They may offer you a refund and/or carry out their own internal investigation.

Return the food to the shop, together with the packaging and receipt and ask to speak to the person in charge. In some cases you may need to write or telephone the manufacturer.

Explain the nature of your complaint and ask them to investigate it. Ask them to write to you with their explanations of how the problem arose.

We will investigate:

  • Unfit or grossly contaminated food
  • Foods containing foreign bodies e.g. metal, glass
  • Complaints about hygiene standards at a food premises
  • Foods which may have caused food poisoning
  • Foods which have passed their 'use by date'

Food alerts

Food alerts are issued by the Food Standards Agency to inform customers about any problems associated with food, and specific action being taken to address the issues.

Find out more about food alerts by visiting the Food Standards Agency (external link) website.


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