Tell us about changes to your circumstances

You must tell us if something changes so we can make sure we get your bill right.

You can log in to your MyAccount to let us know.

Through your MyAccount you can:

  • View your account details
  • Change your address or payment details / payment plan
  • Council Tax bill is in the wrong name
  • Set up a direct debit
  • Someone has died
  • Someone is leaving or joining the household
  • Bill start/end date is wrong.

Don't have a MyAccount?

If you don’t have a one already simply:

If you do not wish to setup a MyAccount you can inform of us of changes using the forms below:

How to report a tenancy change if you're a landlord

If you're a landlord or managing agent and wish to report changes at a rented property, you can:

How to report the repossession of a property if you're a mortgage lender or someone acting on their behalf?

If you're a mortgage lender, or managing agent/solicitor acting on their behalf and wish to report the repossession or the subsequent sale of a property, you can:


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