Neighbourhood Champion

Are you interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Champion?

Doorstep crime and unwanted traders often effect our communities. Most people who call at your home are genuine although some may turn up unannounced and try and trick their way into your home. They may try and perceive themselves to be legitimate builders or gardeners and attempt and to deceive you into paying large amounts of money for unnecessary work.

We asked for your help to try and stop this happening in your neighbourhood and to give residents the confidence to say ‘No’ to uninvited salespeople.

In becoming a Neighbourhood Champion, we ask that you:

  • Lookout for unwanted traders in your neighbourhood
  • Contact the Police or Trading Standards to report activity
  • Raise awareness of with neighbours
  • Check on the well-being of elderly neighbours who have been visited by unwanted traders or victims of scams
  • Encourage neighbours to use the council’s Good Trader Scheme as a safer alternative to getting home repairs.

In return Wigan Council will provide:

  • Guidance on identifying rogue traders and scams
  • Leaflets to hand out to your local neighbours to help stop unwanted callers
  • Contact details to report activity in your neighbourhood
  • Useful information on the council’s Good Trader Scheme.

If you are interested in becoming a champion for your street or neighbourhood, please contact Trading Standards at

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