Tell Us Once

Once a death has been registered we can offer the Department of Works & Pensions (DWP) Tell Us Once service.

This service contacts specific organisations that have signed up to the Tell Us Once scheme.

The registrar at the time of registration will be able to clarify which organisations. For those organisations that are not signed up to the Tell Us Once scheme you will need to personally contact them direct.

The following organisations are currently signed up and will be informed through the Tell Us Once scheme:

  • Adult Services
  • Blue Badges
  • Child Benefit
  • Children’s Services
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • DVLA
  • Electoral Registration
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax
  • Passport Service
  • Libraries
  • Tax Credits.

The organisations we give your information to will use it to update records, end services and benefits, and to resolve any outstanding issues.

What documents do I need to provide

To enable the registrar to complete the Tell Us Once Service you must bring the following documents relating to the deceased to the registration appointment:

  • National Insurance Number (of the deceased)
  • Spouses National Insurance Number (if married)
  • Valid Passport only
  • Blue Badge
  • Driving Licence (of the deceased)
  • Registration number of any vehicle registered in the name of the deceased

Please note: it is your responsibility to make sure that any organisations paying benefits have your correct information.

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