Anniversary service

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This service is currently unavailable - please check back another time. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Each month we hold an anniversary service in memory of loved ones buried or cremated at one of our cemeteries.

Families will receive a letter inviting them to attend this service and will need to confirm the number of places required if they wish to attend. Four places are available for each family - more can attend the service but it may be standing room only.

If you have received your letter of invitation please use the reference number on the letter.

  • Confirm your attendance (currently unavailable).

We attended the November Memorial Service at Wigan Crematorium this afternoon in memory of our relative. I'd just like to thank you for organising these occasions. I understand it must be an onerous duty for someone to do at a time when budgets are tight but want you to know that it is really appreciated and I'm sure a great deal of people find much comfort at the anniversary of such a sad occasion.


Well done all.

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