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About the service

The Voice and Engagement Team run activities for young people aged 8-19 across Wigan Borough.

We run lots of groups for young people, including some groups that are just for you if you need some extra support, such as groups for young people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender, young people who are not in education or working, young people from different ethnic backgrounds and some groups that are just for young men or just for young women.

We also run youth councils in most areas of the borough, a youth cabinet and Wigan’s UK Youth Parliament to help you have your views heard by people who can really make a difference. There is a youth council for young people if you are in care and also one for young people with disabilities.

Our youth workers can help you find out about things to do or you can talk to your youth worker about anything you need advice or support with.

Your youth workers are often out and about in your area so you can say hello or please contact us if you’d prefer a one to one meeting.  


Call: 01942 487978

Email: voiceandengagement@wigan.gov.uk  


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