Young people in care

If you’re a young person living in care and want to tell us what being in care has been like for you, you can get in touch with us at

Youth groups

Junior Voices for Choices

If you’re aged 8-12 and living in care, you could come along to one of Wigan Council’s junior youth groups. There are groups that meet once a week in Hindley, Wigan and Leigh areas. If you’re aged 13-17 and living in care, you could come along to Wigan Council’s senior steering group. The group meets on the last Wednesday of each month in a central Wigan venue. The groups can help you have your say about living in care.

We also do lots of interesting activities, get to meet important people, help each other to build confidence, get support from youth workers and have a great time.

If you’re in care you’re welcome to come and join us. Email our targeted youth support services for more information and meeting venues.


If you’re living in care and don’t have very much contact with your family you could have a mentor. These are adults who volunteer to support young people in their free time. They can:

  • Visit you regularly
  • Listen and talk to you
  • Offer information and advice
  • Help you develop your skills and interests
  • Attend your reviews with you
  • Go on outings and activities with you
  • Help support your care plan

Council's pledge to young people

We have made a pledge to all children living in care about the things the council will commit to doing for you.


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