Relationships can be exciting and romantic but they can be difficult too sometimes.

Lots of people are single (adults too) so don’t worry if you’re not in a relationship, it’s good to have time to get to know yourself, spend time with friends and do the things you want to do.

It’s pretty rare for people to meet someone for the first time, go out with them, marry them and live happily ever after. Everyone is different and relationships often develop over a long time as two people get to know each other.

If you are in a relationship it’s important that you feel you can trust and respect each other, that you are honest and have good communication and enjoy being together.

Spectrum (external link) (formally Brook and The Shine) has some good tips for a happy relationship on their website. 

Bad relationships

Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy and if someone you are with is making you feel bad or is hurting you, it is not acceptable. It is a form of abuse so it’s important you try to get help and support.

Abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical or sexual – if you are, or have been, in an abusive relationship it’s really important to remember that you have done nothing wrong. You need the right support to make sure that you are OK and any abuse does not continue.

If you have experienced any form of abuse it can be very difficult to talk about it. However it's important you speak to someone – a trusted friend, teacher, youth worker or family member, so they can help you make sure you are safe.

If you’re in immediate danger you should call the police.

Some people prefer to talk to a stranger about what’s going on – there are lots of organisations that can offer support (see below).

Support and advice

The organisation Women's Aid have also produced a set of short films to show what does and doesn't make a healthy relationship. Go to


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