Building Stronger Communities Partnership

Community safety partnerships are a statutory partnership of organisations who work together to create strategies and practical interventions to reduce crime and disorder in their local area.  In Wigan, our Community Safety Partnership is called the Building Stronger Communities Partnership (BSCP). The partnership is made up of 5 key strategic partners:

  • Wigan Council
  • Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
  • Probation Services

These agencies coordinate and deliver activity alongside other key stakeholders including:

  • Wigan and Leigh Housing
  • Director of Public Health
  • Community Groups
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations

The core role for the Partnership is to develop and deliver a sustainable Crime and Disorder Strategy for the borough. The BSCP reports to the Health and Wellbeing Board and sits alongside other key partnerships these being:

  • Adult Safeguarding Board
  • Children’s Safeguarding Board
  • Children’s Trust

The Senior Leadership Group (SLG) comprising of representatives from all key statutory agencies, including representatives from the voluntary, community and third sector, oversees the delivery of the BSCP strategy and action plan.


The vision of the BSCP is:

"People live in strong resilient communities, feel safe and supported from crime and disorder and have access to effective partnership agency support when they need it."

In order to deliver against this vision, we have refreshed our strategy which has 5 key strategic priorities:

  • Reduce domestic abuse
  • Reduce substance misuse and harm (drugs and alcohol)
  • Reduce and prevent reported/experienced crime and disorder, and protect vulnerable people
  • Reduce re-offending (adults)
  • Prevent offending (young people)

Accountability and Reporting

The chart below highlights the governance and reporting mechanisms for the partnership. The PREM & SAS Delivery groups are directly accountable to the Senior Leadership Group (SLG), which has responsibility for overseeing the delivery of BSCP priorities.

The SLG reports directly to the Health & Wellbeing Board. The Delivery groups are required to report back to SLG in the form of an exception report to indicate whether projects/activities are performing or where potential blockages need addressing.


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