Census 2021

In 2021, Households across Wigan Borough took part in Census 2021. 

The data from every Census is released in stages and will be added to throughout 2023.

We've put together the following information so that you can look at what the Census 2021 shows us about Wigan.

Wigan Borough - Census overview data (external link)

To find out more about the planned dates for when 2021 Census data is released visit Data Releases (external link).

What is the census?

The Census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of people and households in England and Wales. The most recent Census took place on Sunday 21st March 2021. The information residents provide in the Census, helps inform decisions on how public services are planned and funded in your local area. This could mean things like doctors’ surgeries, housing or new bus routes.

It asks questions about residents and their household to build a picture of the general population. It looks at who we are and how we live. There’s no other survey that gives as much information about our society and future needs.

Taking part in the Census gave residents a chance to help make sure you and your communities get the services needed for the next 10 years and beyond.

When did it happen?

Census day was on Sunday, 21st March 2021.

Results will be made available throughout 2023 as they are published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Personal records will be locked away for 100 years by the ONS, and kept safe for future generations.

Headline information about Wigan Borough

In Wigan Borough, on Census day, 21 March 2021:

  • The usual resident population of Wigan was 329,321, an increase of 3.6% compared with Census day 2011. This rate of growth was lower than the England average, where the population grew 6.6%
  • The population is also ageing, with 19.3% of people aged 65 and over, up from 16.3%. a decade earlier
  • The proportion of Wigan residents aged 65+ was higher than the national average (18.6%) with Wigan also experiencing a higher rate of growth over the last decade (23%) compared to the national average (20%)
  • The are 143,100 households is the borough, up 4.9% on 2011, again this is a lower rate of growth than the national average of 6.2%.

The full data is available for download from the Office for National Statistics (external link) and NOMIS (external link).

You can access all the Census data about Wigan and other areas and build an area profile for yourself by visiting Census 2021, ONS (external link).

You can find more detailed headline data for Wigan Borough on our Census Overview page.

Wigan Borough - Census overview data (external link)

How is the data kept safe?

The safety of your information is our top priority. Nobody can be identified in the statistics we publish. The personal information given is protected by law. Census records are kept secure for 100 years and only then can they be seen by future generations.

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