Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a health needs assessment specifically identifying how pharmacy services are helping to meet the health needs of the population and how they could help in the future.

The purpose of the document is to inform future planning, developing, and commissioning of pharmaceutical services in Wigan Borough. Health and Wellbeing Boards have a statutory duty to develop and publish a PNA under the NHS (Pharmaceutical Services and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations (2013) (external link). In March 2021, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) (external link) announced the requirement to publish a renewed PNA by 1 October 2022.

Wigan Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022

This Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) provides an assessment of the need for pharmaceutical services in Wigan Borough.

It follows and updates the position of the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) published in March 2018 and will be used to make decisions when applications are received to open new pharmacies or move existing pharmacies and will also form the basis of commissioning plans for services that will be provided by community pharmacies.

The current PNA has been through a consultation period and the final version together with a report on the consultation is available below:

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