Questions and Answers - 2017

Question reference number 86360

I want to know why Paul Kenny was sacked. All the exact detail please, I am entitled to them.

Donna Hall, Chief Executive has responded on behalf of the Cabinet members

Thank you for your question to Ask the Cabinet. As per the Council’s Constitution, and in accordance with national legislation, the Executive (also known as the Cabinet) will consist of the Executive Leader together with at least 2, but no more than 9 Councillors, appointed to the Cabinet by the Executive Leader.

Executive Members shall hold office for 12 months from the date of their appointment by the Executive Leader or until they are removed from office by the Executive Leader (whichever is the earlier).

In view of the above, the Executive Leader has the right to change the representatives on the Cabinet should he so wish.

Question reference number 86361

I read your quote regarding your reasons for the sacrifice of certain parts of the Borough's very precious Green Belt. The increase in accommodation from house building would be an obvious outcome of such a misguided scheme. I'm not quite sure where the emotive term of "jobs" would come from, unless you're contemplating industrial units on the green belt sites also. I understand your job title within the Council is a poisoned chalice but please do not lose sight of the responsibility it incurs. Please do not go down in local history as the person who let expediency colour his judgement by despoiling yet more green and pleasant land and animal habitats for "growth and greedy business men". If you allow or even promote this scheme to go ahead then the area around Leigh RUFC will have been enclaved on all four points of the compass within a very short period of time. I ask you to consider the seriousness and wisdom of the situation.

Response from Councillor David Molyneux - Portfolio Holder for Regeneration

This Council has to plan to meet needs for housing, jobs, services and facilities over the next 20 years, and we need to do this in line with the government’s own population and household projections and their requirements for us to meet objectively assessed needs. As such, the vast majority of these needs come from the existing population of the borough, not people moving in, so to fail to do this would be to fail the population of the borough.

The vast majority of housing needs can be met without needing to release Green Belt land, but some Green Belt land is needed to meet the full extent of new homes required. However, in order for the borough to compete effectively in an increasingly worldwide economy, to maintain and secure jobs, there is a need to release some land from the Green Belt for employment uses at key locations. 

However, even with the full extent of Green Belt release proposed in the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), over 95% of the existing Green Belt in the borough will remain as Green Belt.  Less than 5% that is proposed for release for development. In addition, there are proposals in the GMSF for significant improvements to the green infrastructure, to help enhance the borough as a place to live, work and invest.

We understand your concerns about Green Belt release near Pennington, but key to that proposal is to retain a Green Belt link between Pennington Flash and the borough’s Greenheart to the north-west, and the extensive moss lands to the south-east. These are both areas identified in the draft GMSF for enhanced green infrastructure, to benefit wildlife and recreational opportunities for local people.

We hope that we have achieved a balanced set of proposals in the draft GMSF but we will consider all of the representations received and make changes to it in response where they will result in a better balance and improved outcomes.

Question reference number 86362

I beg you to reconsider the plans to "refurbish" Market Place, Wigan. Please think of all the better ways this 1.3 million (as quoted on Wigan Today) could be spent. I understand you want to improve the practicality of the space but you don't have to commission an artist in order to do this. The impression of how it will look isn't sympathetic to the surroundings and the sculptures are totally overbearing in this context. I actually believe the planned sculptures and tiered floor contradict the intention to build a more practical space. If anything has to be changed, it should be done modestly. The saying "a little goes a long way" is true. I am excited to see what the future holds for Wigan but I feel the funds for the project would be better placed elsewhere. Of course, I don't work for the Council and I don't know how all of the money is sorted out into its separate piles. One place on the top of my head that I feel is neglected and in desperate need for renovation though is the Grand Hotel, next to The Anvil. Myself and hordes of other residents would be absolutely thrilled to see this restored. Please, I desperately ask you to rethink this decision. I have kept this short but would happily discuss this further.

Response from Councillor David Molyneux - Portfolio Holder for Regeneration

Many thanks for sharing your concerns about the planned works on Market Place in Wigan Town Centre. At this stage in the project, all decisions and approvals have been made, the design works are complete and the scheme is out to tender for construction later this year. 

I have shared your concerns with the project team to see if there is any room for amendment to take into consideration your concerns about the public realm works. 

There are many priorities for public sector spend and these are debated long and hard at Cabinet and full Council meetings. The decisions to invest in our town centres (Wigan and Leigh) were taken following concerns raised by members of the public, residents, visitors to the borough and our local businesses. They asked for enhanced public space within the town centre to compliment and facilitate the events held in town and to accommodate the growing numbers attending. After scrutinising the designs over the last two years, and in with further feedback on the proposals from the public, we are satisfied that the investment will support our local economy to grow and will enhance the vitality of our town centre environment.

Question reference number 86363

As a resident of Lowton I volunteer 10 hours a week to 'Golborne in Bloom' on top of being a
busy Carer for my autistic daughter - time is therefore precious! My question! Will WMBC follow the outstanding example set by 'Liverpool City Council ' who employ 'Kingdom', a team who have successfully prosecuted hundreds of people last month, caught in the act of littering the streets? Body cams are used to catch lazy/disengaged people! Litter picks make little long term difference to the rubbish want only thrown! A lot of people need more 'stick' than 'carrot'! Whilst on the subject of mess... I picked up TEN piles of dog faeces from an area of land we are reclaiming, only yesterday! I have asked your Cleansing Dept. about the possibility of introducing DNA testing for dog mess, as your current strategies have little long term effect - they laughed at me when I asked four years ago! The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham trailed a scheme last year and it was very successful! Rossendale Council are considering this scheme, and The Isle of Man is too. 'The Deal' is coming to Golborne shortly in April - I am trying to make a difference to my community but we need
YOUR help, YOUR commitment, YOUR implementation of the law to make the Borough of Wigan a 'nice' place to live in - at the moment I am ashamed of Golborne and ashamed for my children! I have contacted the FOI Dept. for up to date figures on prosecutions made by WMBC on litter and dog faeces.

Response from Councillor David Molyneux - Portfolio Holder for Regeneration

Thank you for your enquiry, Wigan Council have previously used a similar company to Kingdom, named 3GS, however, this contract ended in the middle of last year. During that time they issued over 2000 fixed penalty notices for offences of littering and dog fouling. Wigan Council are currently exploring the use of body cams and having dedicated enforcement officers to issue fines for environmental issues across the borough. 

With regards to the introduction of DNA testing Wigan Council is currently evaluating its effectiveness, as opposed to cost, to set up the scheme. We are also looking at other initiatives such as fines for those individuals who do not have the means to pick up the dog fouling i.e. a dog bag. 

What has been helpful in combating dog fouling has been meaningful intelligence from residents, such as time of day occurring, descriptions of individuals/type of dog – this ensures that patrolling is targeted in the most effective way and has enabled some successes in issuing fines. 

Residents of the borough can report an environmental issue via the online or our smartphone app and more information on this is available at

I trust this is helpful and can I take this opportunity to say thank you for your support and effort within your community, it is appreciated and together I am sure we will make a difference. ‘The Deal’ is something we believe in, and we believe that it can make a difference to not only the environment we live in, but the lives of the people who live in the borough.

Question reference number 86364

Robin Park Sports Arena is currently closed on Sundays. Are there any plans to open this facility on Sundays? Whilst I appreciate that this facility is managed by WLCT on behalf of Wigan Council, I assume that the Council has influence over the opening hours of the facilities? On average, how much per day does it cost to run this facility? WLCT proudly promoted the opening of the facility, and the use of £318,000 Council funding, however opening only 6 days of the week restricts the opportunities of the borough to participate in health activities. ‘The Deal’ asks residents to ‘Be healthy and be active’ and organised activities are one way for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Wigan Borough Open Space, Sport and Recreation Provision and Needs Assessment - February 2017 noted ‘several areas of concern about the quality of provision, including poor pitch quality,unauthorised usage and the lack of changing facilities at some sites. Lack of, or inadequate changing facilities affect women and junior football in particular. Clubs also raised insufficient maintenance on council pitches as an issue. This is exasperated by poor drainage, bad weather and over playing and can result in a number of matches being cancelled in the winter months. Some clubs stated that they have lost players to clubs with 'better facilities’.

Within the borough, we have a state of the art Council funded pitch, closed on the day Wigan Youth Football League play more than 60 matches. This facility could be used to ease the over use of grass pitches. WLCT and Wigan Athletic have an agreement in place to hire all the 3G pitches for 3 days of the week, this already restricts public access to a publicly funded facility. Every other facility managed by WLCT is open 7 days per week, I see no reason why this state of the art facility shouldn’t be either. Amenities like Robin Park Sports Arena should be open, and hold classes on Sundays, as it does every other day of the week. 

Response from Councillor Jenny Bullen - Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Client and Resources

The Council is currently reviewing Robin Park complex in relation to both the Arena and the leisure centre, with a number of our partners including Inspiring Health Lifestyles. The intention of this review is to improve the overall offer in order, as you refer, to allow residents to be healthy and active in accordance with The Deal principles. We hope to be able to announce some exciting plans about the sites in the next few months.

In addition to this, the Council is leading on a review of its Playing Pitch Strategy, working with partner organisations and Sport England. This is due to be completed by early autumn and will allow us to prioritise spend and apply for funding (alongside community groups) to develop and improve our facilities. This will look at both 3G and grass pitches in terms of occupation and usage.

Question reference number 86365

I refer to my previous questions raised with the Cabinet (numbers 86337 and 86352) in relation
to the control of dogs. Whilst you have indicated that this matter is being looked into, this issue needs to be addressed. The open public spaces continue to be used as a dogs toilet by a small number of irresponsible dog owners and they have now taken to using the area as an exercise area by throwing balls etc. into the areas that have been planted causing damage to plants. The public spaces are for all residents and it is unfair that a small number of dog owners who allow their dogs to run wild and to defecate and not clean it up are spoiling our leisure facilities. When will this matter be addressed?

Response from Councillor David Molyneux - Portfolio Holder for Regeneration

Thank you for your enquiry and I empathise with your concerns. I can confirm that the Public Spaces Protection Order will be a priority during the next financial year, however, as the order will encompass a multitude of issues, such as dog control, parks and public area and also dog fouling, this spans over a couple of teams which will need to be co-ordinated so that we ensure that the order is workable and also alleviates residents’ concerns. In the meantime, we will get Enforcement Officers to patrol the area and Fiona France will make contact with you in regard to the times of day etc. that the incidents are occurring. Should anyone be witnessed allowing their dog to foul and failing to pick up then fines will be issued. I will also ask that an officer from the ASB Team to attend the site and whilst we, at this present time cannot enforce dogs on leads, we will discuss with those in the area the issues residents are facing and hopefully direct them to other areas to exercise their dogs.

Question reference number 86366

What are you doing, besides nothing, about the F1 race track you have created in Forge Street? I am
sick of reporting it to you. There has just been a crash because of the sheer volume of speeding traffic.

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson - Portfolio Holder for Environment

Thank you for your enquiry regarding speeding traffic on Forge Street, Ince. The Network Management Services Traffic team are aware of the concerns raised by residents in this area. To assist in dealing with this, the speed limit on a section of Forge Street was reduced to 20 mph as part of the borough wide 20mph speed limit initiative aimed at residential areas, around 2 years ago.

The 20mph signs have been installed at a point where residential properties commence after the longer section of Forge Street, which runs parallel to industrial units. This was an intentional choice to position them in this location to create a point at which a driver could read them and make an informed, conscious decision to slow down as they enter into the residential section of Gorge Street, Ince.

Additionally, as a part of The Deal, residents have been invited to get involved to work with the Council in dealing with speeding motorists by taking part in our Community Speed Watch programme. This offer is also open to you and more information about this initiative can be found on the Council’s website.

Should you wish to progress this opportunity, then a member of the Traffic team will be able to contact you directly to discuss the traffic issue in more detail and help you set up a Community Speed Watch scheme in your street.

Unfortunately, Wigan Council is not able to carry out enforcement action against speeding motorist as this responsibility lies with Greater Manchester Police (GMP). However, these types of issues can be reported directly to GMP by using telephone number 101.

Question reference number 86367

How many Wiganers voted on the survey for 3 weekly bin collections? Also, I myself was never asked to answer the survey, nor was anyone I know (family and friends). Who exactly was the survey offered to?

Question reference number 86368

I would like to know how many Wigan residents aired their views to have three weekly black bin and two weekly green bin collections, as of all the feedback I've read this isn't the case! To say you are listening to what people want is absurd. As a family of five I am struggling above and beyond now, even after recycling. Not one person I know is happy about this.

Question reference number 86369

Can you please tell me what percentage of the population of Wigan were in favour of moving to 3 weekly domestic bin collections in the recent consultation exercise. The Council have reported that they have changed bin collections based on our feedback, so I feel I have the right to know the percentage that voted in favour of the changes.

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson – Portfolio Holder for Environment

The ‘Your Council, Your Say’ consultation survey was launched on 9 December 2016, the survey asked residents the following question relating to the Councils Waste Collection Service:-

“To improve recycling rates and to save £2m, we are proposing to change the black bin collection to 3 weekly.  All other bin collections will remain unchanged however your green bin collection will change to 3 weekly just for the period November to March each year.  This will support us in protecting services and keeping council tax low.”

In total 4,602 responses were received with 594 respondents agreeing with the proposal. Respondents were also given an opportunity to provide their views on the proposal and to make comment on any other options on waste services that they would like Wigan Council to consider. In total we received 1606 comments.

It should also be noted there are currently over 135,000 households in the borough of which 4602 responded.

This feedback along with other feedback received via our social media channels, residents feedback via their local Ward Councillors and received via direct mail was used to influence our final decision making process.

The keys themes of the feedback included:

  • Concerns relating to increases in fly tipping;
  • Larger families will struggle;
  • Hygiene relating to flies, maggots, vermin;
  • Recycling capacity when actively recycling; and
  • Alternative bin frequencies including increased blue bin collections

By introducing a new waste policy which addresses these issues and by amending the frequency of collections relating to the blue bin and brown bin collections demonstrates that we have listened and acted on the feedback received.

Question reference number 86370

With regards to the recent liquidation of Three Sisters Race Track, do you have any information relating to the tendering process for the lease of the track? Plans for the future?

Response from Councillor Jenny Bullen - Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Client and Resources

The Council owns the freehold and it is held under a lease to our solvent tenant. The operator has gone into liquidation and our tenant is making new arrangements to engage a fresh operator. The site is not available to rent from the Council

Question reference number 86371

A £2.1m plan to create five new cycle routes across Wigan has been announced! Surely that money could be better spent, cyclists don't use the ones they have now.

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson - Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services

Cycling is a popular form of transport in Wigan, especially in the more deprived areas where car ownership is low. For example, census data shows that the percentage of people cycling to work in south Wigan (2-3%) is above the national average (2%), with Marsh Green being the only area in northern Greater Manchester to reach 4-6% of people cycling to work. Greater Manchester aims to achieve 10% of journeys to work being made by bike by 2025, and we believe that Wigan can more than achieve this target given the right facilities. 

The cycling network in Wigan is already one of the best in Greater Manchester with many miles of off road routes including canal towpaths and dismantled railway lines. (Please see our cycle network map (external link) for more details.) However, we believe that Wigan can do better still, which is why we’re committed to providing high quality and safe cycling facilities to encourage even more people to cycle.

The £2.1m funding secured by Wigan Council is part of a wider £20m+ funding package across Greater Manchester (Cycle City Ambition Grant), which is specifically targeted at improving cycle links. By securing this external funding to invest in Wigan’s cycle facilities we hope to encourage more people to take up cycling - especially for short trips. There are a number of reasons why we want to do this: as part of a healthier lifestyle, to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, or simply to give residents in surrounding areas an alternative way of getting into the town centre without having to rely on the car or public transport.

Question reference number 86372

Can you inform me of what is happening to Ince Public Hall? There is steel fencing around it and no
indication of what is happening to the building, Neither has there been any details of this in the press/general media.

Response from Councillor Carl Sweeney - Portfolio Holder for Resources and Reform

This is no longer a Wigan Council owned building. The building was disposed of by the Council on 26th June 2015 and it is now privately owned. Details about who the current owner is are available from Land Registry (external link).

As such, the decision about its future is with the owner and not the Council. However, you can find details of the latest planning permission.

Question reference number 86373

Why is it that Wigan Council issue private hire licences to drivers that don't live in Wigan? Bolton Council insist that you have to live in Bolton two years before you can apply for a licence. They also have a cap on how many licences they issue. Wigan Council cut back their licensing staff so they are not able to process any new plates this summer, so if I need to change my car before the end of September you could take my livelihood away from me and put me on the streets, unable to pay my bills.

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson - Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services

There are no restrictions in relation to where applicants reside to be eligible to apply for a licence to be a private hire driver. They are applying to work in the Borough of Wigan for a licensed Private Hire Operator. The only restriction is that the applicant needs to provide proof that they have a right to work in the UK under the Immigration Act 2016. The information in relation to Bolton Council is incorrect as individual applicants do not have to reside in Bolton for at least 2 years before they can apply for a licence. Most, if not all Councils have restrictions on Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Numbers, but I am not aware of a restriction on Private Hire numbers. Due to unforeseen extraordinary circumstances, Wigan Council Licensing Section have temporarily suspended the receipt of new applications for drivers and vehicles. This is due to reduced staffing levels which could not be anticipated. Whilst the Licensing Section are not dealing with new applications, they are prepared to consider individual circumstances in exceptional cases. If you feel that your individual circumstances are exceptional and need to be considered, please provide full details by e-mail to the Licensing Team.

Question reference number 86374

Can I ask if there are any plans for regenerating the derelict and squalid looking buildings over Leigh Bridge towards Pennington. This row of what were once shops makes the area look so run down.

Response from Councillor David Molyneux - Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration

You have asked if there is any plans for regenerating the derelict and squalid looking buildings over Leigh bridge towards Pennington. This row was once shops and you feel it makes the area look so run down.

From your description it is assumed you are referring to 25-29 (odd) St Helens Road, Leigh, WN7 4HA lying to the south of The Bridge Inn at the junction with West Bridgewater Street (29 St Helens Road being the former Shummi Tandoori), in which case I can confirm that they are in private ownership. It is therefore up to the owner(s) as to their plans for the buildings.  

It is possible to check if there have been any planning applications granted for them through the Planning App, or view the interactive map. There is a current planning application that is being considered for the site.

If you wish to find out who owns the buildings you can make enquiries at the HM Land Registry (external link).

Question reference number 86375

Would the Council be considering a 'face lift' for Leigh Town Centre by improving shop frontages? Will they be following examples of other councils who appear to be promoting grey paint and signage rather than neon lighting which has immediately improved the area

Response from Councillor David Molyneux - Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Regeneration

In January 2017, the Leader announced a £4m regeneration fund at a Deal in Action event held at Leigh Turnpike Centre. In March 2017, Leigh residents were invited to submit ideas big or small, to improve the town centre, some suggestions included seeking opportunities to improve the shops and buildings in town centre area, and the market offer – residents felt this would make Leigh Town Centre more attractive to shop in and visit.

The recently approved masterplan / investment framework for Leigh Town Centre sets out objectives and aspirations for Leigh, building upon existing successes and outlining a number of ambitious growth opportunities and regeneration priorities. With such ambitions for new development and regeneration, we are looking for support from the private sector to help accelerate transformational change in the town centre. The public sector has invested heavily in Leigh Town Centre, however we still need to work in partnership to bring forward the other opportunities.

The Council is very committed to supporting entrepreneurialism, innovation and small businesses in its town centres and as such we recently announced a £500,000 booster fund to support existing small businesses to grow and new business start-ups to get started in the borough’s town centres.  Businesses will be able to access loans of up to £10,000 and grants of up to £2,000.  Before application forms are accessed, businesses will need sign up to ‘The Deal’ to pledge their commitment to supporting the local community.

We are not aware of any heritage funding currently available for Leigh Town Centre business frontages; there are limited opportunities available for external regeneration and conservation funding, but the council continues to strive to obtain external funding in this highly competitive environment, and will continue to explore such opportunities.  

With regard to grey paint, neon signs etc, where proposals require planning or advertisement consent, we would adhere to the principles of our Planning policy, including the Shop Front Design SPD, which with particular reference to Conservation Areas, would require high quality materials, and a higher standard of design than may be required outside of conservation areas.

Question reference number 86376

I see at the local WMBC enquiry desk at my health centre signs saying, “No Dog Poop Bags Available”. I cannot believe the Council is providing these bags free of charge anyway. If you have a dog then it’s your responsibility to provide for it. Why should public money via council tax revenue be subsiding dog owners, when dog poop bags cost £1 for 200 in discount stores around Wigan.

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson - Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services

As part of The Deal, we do currently provide free of charge dog poo bags. These are provided to reinforce the 'poop and scoop' message, which in turn helps to promote responsible dog ownership.

Question reference number 86377

What is the Council doing to reduce diesel emissions on the boroughs roads from its own fleet of ageing vehicles including the 10 year old Mayoral diesel Volvo?

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson - Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services

The Council is currently in the process of developing a revised Fleet Replacement Strategy. This strategy will focus on, where appropriate, clean fuel vehicle technology including hybrid and electric and a number of such vehicles have been and are currently being trialled.

In addition, the Council now employs a route planning system which has helped to optimised vehicle journeys which has significantly reduced the Council’s overall vehicle fuel consumption, which in turn reduces fuel emissions. Also, over the past 12 months the Council has reduced the number of vehicles in its fleet, including more recently a number of large refuse wagons

In relation to the Mayoral vehicle, Wigan Council uses an external provider for Mayoral Attendant/chauffeuring services, with this provider also supplying the vehicle, so any questions about the emissions of the car would need to be addressed to them. I can confirm however, that the Mayoral car has recently been replaced with a younger model of Volvo.

Question reference number 86378

Why can't I actually get to speak to somebody at the Council. I have phoned three separate numbers just to get an automated service. I have also tried to e-mail just to get a server error message. It's disgusting service.

Response from Councillor Carl Sweeney- Portfolio Holder for Resources and Reform

Thank you for your enquiry. As we do not have the contact number that you have used, or any details of the service that you were trying to access, I have been unable to investigate your particular query further, however, if you would like to supply these details I will do this as a matter of urgency.

Wigan Council offers face to face, telephone and on-line services for all our residents to make contact with us.  We have not closed any face to face customer services or telephone facilities as part of The Deal.

As you may be aware, increasing pressure to reduce overall costs within the Council due to significant and ongoing budget reductions has led us to implement a ‘digital first’ approach, which encourages residents and customers to find out information and access our services on our website, and to transact with us online where possible. Customers have found that the search or A-Z facility on the website is really helpful in finding the information they need on our website. There is a considerable cost reduction between customer contact on the phone and web contact, and such savings help us to maintain services across the borough. The majority of calls in to the Council go through our Contact Centre where they are dealt with as efficiently as possible, but due to the high volumes at peak times this can result in calls queuing. We do offer a call back facility, which many of our residents take advantage of, as they are not left waiting on the line. We have recently realigned the way in which staff in the Contact Centre work and this should help to reduce call waiting times over the coming weeks and months.

You can also set up a ‘My Account’ on our website to enable you to self-serve where possible. We also provide face to face services at each of our Life Centres across the borough based in Wigan, Leigh, Platt Bridge, Atherton, Ince and Marsh Green where information can be provided on a range of services ranging from welfare support to obtaining blue badges, and we will direct any complaints received to the appropriate service. 

I am sorry that your experience in contacting the Council was not a positive one, but we will be happy to work with you to learn how we could improve this for you. I hope this information helps, and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Question reference number 86379

With regard to my previous question (reference number 86376), can I ask why giving out free dog poop bags at the tax payers expense was agreed with 'The Deal', as this is only benefitting dog owners not the whole community via 'The Deal'. I feel that your response was far from satisfactory considering the Council are always telling us that cuts are taking place because of the lack of funding. I can’t see how you can give dog poop bags away free of charge when more important matters are affecting our communities due to the lack of funding.

Response from Councillor Kevin Anderson - Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services

The annual budget allocation for dog poo bags is very modest (a four figure sum). We believe this represents a valid investment, as dog poo bags help to keep our environment clean and free of any health hazards that might occur due to exposure to dog waste.

There is also evidence that shows that the supply of dog poo bags encourages dog owners to clean up after their pets and persuades them to dispose of the waste responsibly.

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