BeWigan Experience


We’ve set out our future plan until 2030 - The Deal 2030, which explains what we need to do to deliver our vision.

We’ve also introduced BeWigan. This is a celebration of how we do things here in the borough because it’s not just about what we achieve; it’s also about how we do it.

BeWigan creates a shared culture that illustrates our fresh and unique approach to public service, celebrates our people and their achievements, and focuses us on our future and how we will achieve our priorities.

We really are ‘a turbo-charged organisation’ and what we have in this borough is really special: we’ve been courageous enough to tackle our challenges head on, yet we’ve always remained positive and done our best for our customers.

Our workforce are our most important asset in accomplishing this – their talent, skills, knowledge and experience are truly at the heart of everything we do and all that we achieve.  

We want staff to understand the importance of their roles, and feel empowered to take responsibility for their own engagement and development.  

We want staff to ‘think’ Wigan, and feel committed to our Borough so that they continue to offer great service to our customers and residents, and we want to celebrate the special place that the borough is.

We have an informal agreement with our employees called the staff deal. It outlines what our staff can expect from us and in return what we expect from them.

There are 3 behaviours that we expect our staff to embrace:

  • Be Positive is all about taking pride in what you do, where you work and the service you offer to our customers. It’s also about celebrating our achievements and recognising a job well done
  • Be Accountable is all about how we deliver our services, how we can work with partners and colleagues in a smarter way and ways which we can commit to making improvements
  • Be Courageous is all about being open to doing things differently and being prepared to having a different conversation.

This is how we are.

This is what it means to BeWigan.

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