What services do we offer?

We offer the following 3 areas of support specifically tailored to meet school needs.

We help schools and academies of all sizes and phases, with a service designed to make a difference.

Management Information System (MIS) support

Our team can support a variety of management information systems (MIS) used in schools, including ESS (formerly Capita) SIMS, Discover and FMS. If your school is considering a different MIS, then please contact the EBIU team to discuss how we can help.

Our experienced MIS officers provide:

  • Support for all SIMS / FMS / Discover related queries
  • Data management and reporting advice
  • Support and advice with the completion of statutory returns via SIMS
  • A comprehensive training programme - online, face to face and webinar programmes of training covering the wide range of modules available in SIMS, FMS and Discover, as well as online training booklets on a variety of areas across the systems.
  • Secure remote support software (Team Viewer), which allows us to view your systems (with permission) to help identify issues and provide solutions
  • Support with software upgrades / module changes / installation of file sets for SIMS/ FMS / Discover, as well as testing functionality and setting up new users.
  • Specialist consultancy services, where our team will work with you to develop effective and efficient use of your MIS.

Education Performance Information (PI)

We provide a range of support services designed to help schools use and understand school performance data to assist in driving school improvement.

We do this by providing analysis, services and reports directly to senior leaders in schools and a wider range of key stakeholders. This includes:

  • Analysis documents to support school leaders, such as school data profiles, student characteristics data sets, year 7 transfer data, school on a page, school intake matrices
  • Access to bespoke online software packages, including FFT Aspire, Perspective, Insight, Nova, CASPA
  • We provide support to schools with school census data collections, ensuring the accuracy of the school census submissions
  • Support with the use of FFT Aspire and regular Perspective, Insight and Nova training sessions for schools
  • Briefing sessions throughout the year on the use of Analyse School Performance (ASP) and Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) for school staff and governors
  • Data managers meetings termly for Secondary Schools to share key updates and best practice across the Wigan network
  • Conduct in depth error checking report service for the school census which can directly impact school funding.

Pupil Premium Checking Service (PPCS)

The Pupil Premium Checking Service checks a parent’s eligibility to free school meals for their children. This allows schools to quickly and accurately report the children as eligible / not eligible, and ensure they receive the appropriate pupil premium funding. The service includes:

  • An Excel template for schools to complete when submitting a check request. Schools will be advised of the outcome of our checks via Perspective
  • A monthly recheck will be undertaken of all those children currently highlighted as not eligible and notification sent to schools of that recheck
  • Prior to each school census collection, we will provide schools with an updated list of all currently eligible pupils
  • Pupil Premium Briefing sessions are held throughout the academic year offering training and support to school staff along with updates on Free School Meals and the Pupil Premium criteria
  • Our knowledgeable team members are able to advise and support in relation to Transitional Protection and the implications for schools, families and children.

We offer the PPCS to all schools and all year groups, from nursery to post 16.

How to access EBIU services

To access our services and resources:

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