Local land charges


Local Land Charges deals with requests, mainly from solicitors acting for proposed purchasers, as part of a conveyancing transaction.

The result contains information relating to the constraints or obligations (known as charges) held against the property or land and may help you decide whether to proceed with the proposed purchase.

These charges may be of a financial or non-financial nature.

You can perform and retrieve searches using our online local land charges service.

Fees and charges

We will apply VAT (at the standard rate of 20%) in relation to:

  • Form Con29 Enquiries of the Local Authority
  • Form Con29O Enquiries of the Local Authority
  • Con29 additional parcel fees
Fees and charges 2023/2024
ServicePostal and Manual applicationsElectronic applications via NLIS and online portal
Official Certificate (LLC1) £15 £15*
Form CON29R Only - without VAT (submitted by itself in full) £169.04 £160.29*
Complete Search (LLC1 & CON29) - including VAT on CON29 £217.85 £207.35
Each additional (LLC1) parcel £1 £1*
Each additional (CON29) parcel - including VAT £12 £12*
Individual CON29R Questions ** See more information
CON29 Optional Enquiries - including VAT

£12 each

Other than enquiry 22


£12 each*

Other than enquiry 22

£18 each*

Each additional enquiry £15 £15*

* An extra fee is payable to the National land Information Service (NLIS) hub for electronic applications sent through NLIS.

** Access to CON29R information and details of costs can be found in our price list. These fees have been set on a cost-recovery basis according to legislation SL 2008/Number 3248.

How searches work

A small team of two staff complete local searches every day.

Local searches are returned within 10 working days though our average return time is five working days from date of receipt.

We keep records of local searches for seven years, which is the time limit for any legal action to be taken.

Personal searches

Personal searches of the Local Land Charges Register are available by using our online local land charges service.

Wigan Council applies Rule 7 of the Local Land Charges Rules 1977 in relation to Planning permissions Approved with Conditions on or after 01/08/1977. Details of these can be accessed via the planning interactive map.

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