Newly qualified teachers to Early Career Teachers (ECT)

The DfE are changing which organisations are able to provide Appropriate Body services to schools. The Appropriate Body service holds the main quality assurance function for Early Career Teacher Induction, monitoring how they complete their 2 year induction (or equivalent for part time teachers).

Below is a reminder of the changes to the Appropriate Body sector and what this means for your school and ECTs:

  • From 1st September 2023 - Only Teaching School Hubs will be able to register new ECTs for the Appropriate Body service. Local Authorities will continue to offer Appropriate Body services to any existing ECT’s already registered with them
  • From 1st September 2024 - Teaching School Hubs will become the main provider of Appropriate Body services (except for specialist Appropriate Body’s for some independent and overseas schools). Your local Teaching School Hub is Generate. Their contact details are:

From September 2024 Local Authorities will no longer offer the Appropriate Body services. Schools will need to ensure that any ECTs who are registered with the Local Authorities Appropriate Body service and who do not complete their induction by September 2024 are transferred to their chosen Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body to complete the remainder of their induction. If this applies to your school and ECT(s), we will be in further contact with you regarding the full details the transitional arrangements in due course.

The intention of this two-stage approach for Local Authorities from Appropriate Body services is to allow the majority of ECTs who began induction in September 2022 to complete their induction without needing to transfer to a new Appropriate Body mid-induction. We have been communicating about the changes with Generate Teaching Hub and the other Local Authorities in Halton, Warrington, to ensure a clear approach to the transitional arrangements.

In the meantime, if you have any specific queries please do not hesitate to contact the Schools HR Operational Team on

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