Trade display licence

You will need to apply for a trade display licence if you wish to place a display on the public highway. Trade displays include items such as cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, clothing or other wares.

We can only consider applications for an area that is part of the Council’s maintained highway.

Approval is not automatic and you must not place any furniture or displays on the highway until a licence has been issued.

What you need to know

Displays will only be permitted to be placed on the highway during the times specified on the licence and must be removed at the end of each day.

The size of the area to be licensed will depend on the site characteristics, safety considerations and the criteria set by us to maintain adequate highway space for both pedestrians and vehicles.

An absolute minimum width of 1.8m must be left between the proposed area and the kerb, which may be increased to 3m in busier areas.

How much is it?

You will need to pay a fee of £123 every 2 years.

How do I apply?

When applying you must include the following list of supporting documents.

What supporting documents do I need?

  • A plan clearly identifying the location of the premises with a red line
  • A plan clearly showing the proposed area to be covered by the licence in relation to the highway, if not to scale, with measurements clearly shown, including:
  • Any other street furniture in the area, such as lamp posts or bins
  • Distance from proposed area to kerb
  • Width / depth of the proposed area
  • Evidence that there is sufficient space around the proposed area so that all highway-related issues can be considered
  • The potential siting of the furniture within the proposed area
  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance (£5 million)
  • Photographs of all the proposed furniture to be used
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • In the 'additional details' section of the application, please provide details of premises in the vicinity, including the addresses of the owners / occupiers of the neighbouring properties, any premises adjacent to the proposed area applied for, and trading name if premises is a business.

All supporting documents can be uploaded when registering your interest or can be emailed to quoting your application reference. Photographs or scans of documents are acceptable, providing the relevant information is clear.

What happens after I apply?

Once the application has been accepted you will receive an email confirming the start of a 28-day consultation period to determine if the proposed area is suitable. We will consult with a number of interested parties during this period.

You will need to display a notice at the premises for the 28-day period. The notice must be prominently displayed where it can be conveniently read from the exterior of the premises.


We do not authorise 'A' boards on a pavement or footway that is part of the Council's maintained highway.

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