Private Water Supplies

A private water supply is any water which is not provided by a water company and which is not considered to be a "mains" supply. Private water supplies can be obtained from a variety of sources including:

  • Springs
  • Wells
  • Boreholes
  • Surface water

All private water supplies can pose a potential threat to health unless they are properly protected and treated. Unlike mains water supplies, many private supplies are not treated to remove contamination. You may not be able to tell whether your water is safe as contamination may not show as a smell, taste or colour in the water.

The local authority is responsible for monitoring private water supplies in the Borough. Please contact us to notify us of your private water supply. 

A private water supply used for commercial or public activity must not be brought into use or used until the local authority is satisfied that the supply does not constitute a potential danger to human health.


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