We Are Wigan

In Wigan Borough, we like to think we do things differently. Our economic vision is part response, part challenge to that belief.

We are Wigan is an ambitious, high-level plan setting out our growth priorities until 2030. The vision has been shaped with our business community and capitalises on our strengths and opportunities.

The eight key areas of our vision are:

  • Towns are the new cities - creating vibrant, sustainable centres that have a diverse leisure, cultural and residential offer
  • Innovation - focusing on how we do things
  • Red, green and blue all over - protecting and investing in our natural and built heritage to create new business, leisure, cultural and residential space
  • Generation W - creating a place that attracts young people to live and work
  • Sectors are dead. Long live sectors - creating a reputation as a good place to do business
  • Shedding the past - Ensuring investment has real benefits for our people and our place
  • Start-up to scale up - realising the potential of our existing small businesses.

Visit We Are Wigan to find out more and read some of our case studies.

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